Tarot readings and the wonders of Facebook Events

The winner's readingRecently, I held a Quidell Brothers Reveal and Release Event on Facebook. The prize for one of the contest was a tarot card reading by yours truly.

I used to do readings semi-professionally. I once worked for a talent agency and when I wasn’t doing the agent thing, I read tarot at parties, often dressed in full fortune teller gear, tarot deck in hand.


DECK: The Prediction Tarot

SPREAD: ‘Consequences’ as pictured above.  Cards explained below.

QUESTION: The questioner asked whether or not she will see improvement in her financial and job situation over the next year.

1: The Signifier: Page of Swords. A sporty, active child representing activity and business. This card perfectly signifies the questioner’s question and her desire for activity toward improving her circumstances.

 2: The Questioner: Two of Wands. This card gives some clue to the circumstances around the questioner. The Two of Wands represents a partnership or some sort of joint arrangement, often dealing with property. It often indicates a good deal to come.

3: The background or cause of the problem: Justice. This card indicates that the questioner’s current situation stems from a legal or business transaction. It was, though, fair to all involved, and Justice card indicates that the fairness will continue without unforeseen weirdness interfering.

4: The Past: The Magician. This card indicates that sometime in the past, the questioner received new business and work opportunities that have led to new skills. The Magician may also indicate a chance to use these new skills in the future.

 5: The Future: Temperance. This is a pleasant card, one indicating coming peace and harmony, and the calming of the waters. Another meaning of this card is moderation, so even though calm may approaching, this card is indicating that it will not be an immediate change, and will come gradually and smoothly.

6: Suggestions for future actions: Eight of Cups. Considering the gentleness of the other cards in the reading, this one comes as a bit of a surprise. The Eight of Cups is not a nice card, and one that signifies a miserable situation. But, it also means to be courageous and patient, and I feel the second meaning is most likely what the spread wishes to communicate. This fits with Temperance, as well as The Magician, in that the situation the question is asking about is not one that will suddenly change for either better or worse. But gained skills will move her in the direction she wishes to go, and at a steady, gradual pace.

7: Environment or people close to the questioner: Knight of Coins. A youngish man with a cautious nature who may bring news of business or money. Not an unusual card to pop up around questions of work and finance.

 8: Outcome or consequence of the questioner’s actions:   Page of Coins. Brings news of money matters and possible travel. Often, it is news of a promotion.

My interpretation of this spread is that the questioner’s financial and work affairs will continue forward for her on a steady, even course. I don’t see luck playing any role either in her favor or against it. The spread indicates that her hard work will pay off in exactly the manner she expects.

Overall, a good reading!

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