A dangerously beautiful vision of unique worlds that’s sure to leave its mark.

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These 20+ full length Fantasy novels are packed with daring quests, bewitching legends, and dark magic.
Embark on wild adventures alongside fiery dragons, demons, mutant vampires, and sword-wielding heroes! FIRE & FANTASY will have your imagination soaring as you charge headfirst into this enchanting collection by today's hottest USA Today bestselling authors and rising new talents.

Including the exclusive Fate-Fire-Shifter-Dragon story: 
Scent of a Dragon

After Daisy Pavlovich's boyfriend abandons her in a small Wisconsin town, she stumbles upon a lonely, young boy who claims to see dragons. Yet not all visions are real, nor is reality always what it appears to be, and the boy’s unworldly isolation sparks painful memories of Daisy’s own childhood. When Daisy realizes the boy's true nature — and the true depth of the danger his Shifter father presents to both her and the child — Daisy runs headlong into a paranormal fire she should have left alone. But every child deserves a chance, and Daisy’s going to get the boy his even if it kills her….

Dare to enter forbidden realms of unexpected beauty and peril...

Cross through the looking glass into Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian realms where you’ll meet valiant heroes, kick-ass heroines, and dangerous creatures waiting to unveil the hidden corners of the universe.

SIGILS & SPELLS includes more than twenty exclusive novels that roam the sands of Egypt, slip into the shadows of 1940s Los Angeles, voyage to the mystical land of Mabi, and dare to traverse the stars.

Including the exclusive Fate-Fire-Shifter-Dragon story:
Dragon's Fate

On the eve of the activation of his abilities, the last vestiges of the Roman Empire rain vengeance down on Daniel Drake’s simple, Sixth Century world. He and his brothers run for their lives—and directly into the arms of dragons. But even though Daniel is a young man about gain the ability to see the future, an enslaved destiny—and the death of the person he loves most—may not be a fate he can avoid.

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Left broken and grief-stricken after deadly magic rips away her best friend, an alluring stranger offers seer Ellie Jones the one thing she’s never foreseen—hope.

"Pictures of You" originally appeared in the Secrets and Sorcery Anthology.