Sunday Character Talk: Vulnerability

fawn and weeds-5

What? Just because I’m five feet from a human and eating the weeds in her backyard doesn’t mean I’m vulnerable.

Most Sundays, I spend a little time watching TED talks.  This one, recorded in 2011 by Brene Brown, looks at vulnerability and what it means for human connection.

While I watched it, I realized vulnerability as described by Dr. Brown is the true underpinning of why I write the stories I write.  Why all my characters — my urban fantasy world and my contemporary romance world — are the way they are.

So I thought I’d share her talk here.

I considering making “Sunday Character Talk” an ongoing addition to my web site.  Comments are welcome.

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Writing process? What writing process?

Games of Fate (FFSD Book #1)

Games of Fate (FFSD Book #1)

I’m scattered. I’ll admit it. Not as much as Rysa, the heroine of my Fate -Fire -Shifter -Dragon series, who lives with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But scattered, I am.

Still, my good friend and editor Annetta Ribken over at asked me to participate in the “My Writing Process” blog tour. So I figured I’d see if there is some “process” buried under all of the scatter.

Check out Annetta’s work here. Believe me, it’s worth the click.

Let’s get started:

Daniels fire short novel

Launching May 1, 2014.

What am I working on?  Daniel’s Fire, book two of my contemporary erotic romance series, The Quidell Brothers, just went off to my copy editor today.

I’m starting Silence, the bridge novella between Fate –Fire –Shifter –Dragon Trilogy One: Activation, and Trilogy Two: Redemption. Trilogy Two launches late this year with book four, All But Human.


Silence COVER trilogy

Early SILENCE Mock-up

Also in process at the moment is the new cover design for Trilogy Two.  Here’s an early mock-up of Silence.  It will be tweaked, but the general design is there.

Once Silence is out the door, I’m starting a new military science fiction series with Ice Dogs. Not going to say much more about it right now other than it’s AWESOME.


How does my work differ from others in its genre? With FFSD, this is a surprisingly easy question to answer: What you are reading is not what you think it is. FFSD is not straight-up urban fantasy. It’s not straight-up paranormal romance. In terms of the characters, it has a whole lot more “real” to it than it does “not real.” And the fantasy elements aren’t as “fantasy” as they appear to be.

With the Quidell Brothers, I focus a lot on individual psychological growth. My characters grow as people, not just as a relationship.


 Why do I write what I do? Young women with ADHD aren’t the characters you expect to save the world. Men with PTSD need help—and need to be allowed to seek it out. Everyone needs to see their own worth.

The characters are why I write what I write.


How does your writing process work? Scenes for a new title often pop into my mind’s eye in groups. It’s sort of like how shotgun shot hits a target. I get snippets here, another there. Like I said; scattered.

For example, right now I’m working on Silence and organizing the second FFSD trilogy. This morning I got a particularly interesting flash involving beer, cold weather, and the incredible dexterity of a dragon’s hand.

I guarantee you, this particular scene will appear in some form somewhere in the second trilogy. I just don’t know where, yet.

Once I get the snippet, I immediately look for the situation and the character’s problem. From there, I figure the what, where, why, when, and how of it. I make notes and often I’ll make plot road maps. Pivotal scenes act as targets I aim the characters toward.

But mostly I let the story tell itself the way it wants to be told.

That’s how it works for me. Don’t forget to check out my friends next week, when they post their processes:

 JC Andrijeski: Writer of new adult fantasy, urban fantasy and paranormal romance… join THE REBEL ARMY for news & new releases here.

Jacqueline DriggersJacqueline is a fifty-something writer who is pursuing her high school dream of being a published writer, and her writing can be found on wattpad, as well as in her various blogs.