Destiny or Fate.

Your choice.

Start at book 1, with Rysa Torres...

...Or book 4, with Daisy Pavlovich.

Destiny or Fate. Your choice.

Rysa Torres can’t get a handle on the world. Attention issues will do that to a woman — classwork, home, and dating all become one big blurred ball of anxiety. Now add monsters trying to take a literal bite out of her life and visions of the future so intense they cause blackouts.

The visions? World’s going to burn. Rysa sees it. All the other Fates see it, too. And she’s the Fate at the center of a particularly apocalyptic inferno.

Klepto Shifters, chaos ghouls, and a young woman running for her life...

Daisy Reynolds doesn’t make waves. Hiding from her klepto mother’s terrifying Shifter ex-boss makes an invisible life necessary.  But when a Burner — a chaos ghoul — catches Daisy’s scent, hiding turns into running for her life.

Daisy soon realizes the conflicts around her run deeper than nasty ghouls and mean Shifters looking to beat up her mom.  Future-seeing Fates want a piece of her, too.

Ladon and his companion Dragon survived the Roman Empire. They survived the centuries after, and now they spend their days fighting ghouls in the American West. When they find the newly-activated, terrified Rysa, they see only the potential hell a young Fate might unleash into their quiet, lonely lives. But Ladon quickly realizes Rysa is much more than the daughter of an old enemy — she is his key to forgiveness.

Dragons, Fates, Shifters, and rock star ghouls who devour with fire and acid....

But some fates cannot be escaped unless you have courage… and an unlikely ally.

Then embark on a new journey with book five...

Can a Fate and her dragon lover live a normal life?

Rysa Torres survived the hell of her Fate activation. She survived the weight of healing the wounds inflicted on her fiancé Ladon’s tattered soul. So how could her final year as a normal college student at a normal university be anything but… normal?

But sometimes the ordinary masks chaos. Sometimes, monsters lurk in crevices so deep not even a Prime Fate like Rysa—or bloodhound Shifter like her friend, Daisy Pavlovich—sense the coming attack.

When the worst Fates and Shifters on Earth come calling for one last dance, Rysa must fight—and embrace the darkness within her Fate heritage.

Will her heart—and her soul—survive?

Introducing an all new story of fates, fire, shifters, and dragons...

Dragon's Fate

When Daniel Drake’s simple, Sixth Century life shatters, he and his brothers run for their lives—and directly into the arms of the dragons. But some fates cannot be avoided, and Daniel’s uncanny ability to see the future comes with a price, and a choice: enslavement to a Roman Emperor, or the death of the person he loves the most.

Scent of a Dragon

After Daisy Pavlovich's boyfriend abandons her in a small Wisconsin town, she stumbles upon a lonely, young boy who claims to see dragons. Yet not all visions are real, nor is reality always what it appears to be, and the boy’s unworldly isolation sparks painful memories of Daisy’s own childhood. When Daisy realizes the boy's true nature — and the true depth of the danger his Shifter father presents to both her and the child — Daisy runs headlong into a paranormal fire she should have left alone. But every child deserves a chance, and Daisy’s going to get the boy his even if it kills her….

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Includes the Fate - Fire - Shifter - Dragon stories:
Pop Rocks
Cinder to Dust