The World of Northern Creatures

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Welcome to Alfheim, Minnesota.

I walked out of the Arctic and into Alfheim’s magic two centuries ago. The elves had no idea what to do with the giant, re-animated corpse in their midst other than to offer me what they had long offered all unloved and unwanted magicals—a home. Without elven magic, the Alfheim Werewolf Pack would descend into madness. Without the stability of the elves, the local vampires and witches would fall prey to their own evil natures. And without the elves, I would still be the rage-filled monster stitched together by my father’s genius and unholy hubris.

Now, I have a good life. I have family. Friends. A community that supports and protects me. But some ghosts from rage-filled pasts are more horrific than others. Some want to rip apart more than just my soul.

Some want my flesh. And now I must face a vampiric demon so powerful not even elven magic can stop it….

Join Frank Victorsson and the magical people of Alfheim, Minnesota, in Monster Born, the first novel in the new Northern Creatures series from Kris Austen Radcliffe.

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A mysterious woman. A vampire plague. And an evil so powerful it forces Alfheim’s magicals to their knees…

I am the two-hundred-year-old patchwork son of Victor Frankenstein. Loss and tragedy walk at my side. I have seen the horrors people do to each other—but sometimes evil catches you off guard. Sometimes, it sneaks in and latches on, and the next thing you know, it’s sucking you dry.

The elves thought the vampiric demon unleashed from The Land of the Dead had evaporated to ash—then the horses started to vanish. Corpses began piling up. And when the fog rolled in, monsters much worse than any my father unleashed rolled in with it.
Join Frank Victorsson and the elves of Alfheim, Minnesota, as they fight an escalating war against vampires unlike any the world has ever seen. 

Vampire Cursed, book two of the Northern Creatures series, available November 7th, 2017.

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"Pictures of You" originally appeared in the Secrets and Sorcery Anthology.